Anticipating market moves is the backbone of any trading strategy. Traders need to have an understanding of where the trend is heading, and if there are any signals that show that the trend is changing. Crypto charts are essential tools for beginners.

How to read crypto charts for beginners and apply the signals into automated trading strategies? Read more.

Crypto charts provide valuable insight into the trend of an asset. Reading properly specific patterns helps beginners improving the returns of their strategies significantly. Looking closely at a price on a crypto chart allows traders to fine-tune their trading system. There…

The world of crypto evolves quickly. The number of cryptocurrencies is rapidly growing. The whole space re-shapes every year, with new emerging cryptocurrencies outpacing those not catching up with the ecosystem’s innovation.

Emerging Cryptocurrencies

Just compare the top 20 coins by market capitalization 5 years ago and today. The list dramatically changed, reflecting the path Blockchain technology has undertaken.

“I am here for the Technology!” Are you, really? As many newcomers enter the cryptocurrency ecosystem, most of them only chase the possibility of achieving quick profits. Others may be genuinely interested in this new technology evolving. Whether you are here for the technology or for the profits, understanding how cryptocurrencies work will allow you to make more educated investment decisions.

The main concept that drives blockchain technology is to allow affordable, secure, and fast transactions worldwide in a decentralized and censorship-proof environment.

A new disruptive Technology

Blockchain technology is a distributed ledger technology. Independent nodes and validators use complex mathematical calculations to guarantee…

What is DeFi?

Decentralized Finance, aka Defi, refers to an ecosystem of different financial applications that run on top of blockchain networks. This typically includes digital assets, financial smart-contracts, protocols, and decentralized applications. At the moment, the most popular blockchain to build on is Ethereum.

To properly grasp the concept of Defi, you must first look at how the traditional financial markets are built and governed. Initially, humans used to transfer wealth between one another through the barter system. As humans evolved, the way they exchanged goods evolved as well. Instead of exchanging goods for goods, humans introduced ‘objects’ that represent the value…

What are you going to do after the Bitcoin bull run? Bitcoin has hit new all-time highs, and you are in the green. But what now? Historically, we have seen that every great Bitcoin Bullrun comes with sharp pullbacks. What are you going to do to secure your profit? If you are faithful to crypto, likely you won’t want to convert to fiat, so what now? You could switch to Altcoins, but that comes with its own inherent risk. Alternatively, you can seek shelter for your funds in stable coins.

What are Stable Coins?

They are digital assets whose main characteristic is stable prices…

Why should you invest in Crypto?

Investing in Cryptocurrency gives you the opportunity to invest in the future, Crypto has proven to be one of the most resilient asset classes over the last few months. While it is true that volatility has been present across all asset classes, far from all assets have bounced back the same way. Various Cryptocurrencies have proven time and time again that they are reliable, easy to store, and have significant profit potential!

How to Invest In Blockchain Technology?

A Blockchain is secure, digital Ledger that records all transactions and has a system of finding a consensus between all participants in the system to confirm transactions. The…

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